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triple booting help


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If u have installed Vista previously, then the work is simpler


Download Acronis Disk Director Suite (latest ver wich supports Vista)


Now install it in Vista n also Install d OS selector for the Start Menu Items


OS selector will now start up every time u boot up ur system, askin u to choose the OS u wanna boot up


Since it gets installed in C: DONT EVER FORMAT THE C:


Now install Freespire in a separate partition (a partition other than Vista)


Now OS selector may r may not have recogized d new installation.

If it has, then no problem u can strait away boot into Freespire.


If not use OS detection wizard to add Freespire into the list


Now its time to install Mac OSX

B4 installin it check for d h/w compatibilty list in wiki page n then proceed further


Download Jas Mac OS X 10.4.8 Intel AMD


Write it onto a DVD


Now boot up into Vista n decide upon the drive in which u want to install Mac

Now goto Disk Management in Control Panel n delete the particular partition

(Dont worry its jus for time sake)


Now open cmd.exe n type "diskpart"



Now type "list disk" (OR) "list disks"

it ll list all d disks in ur system


By disk i mean the whole of hard disk

ie if u have one hard disk only one will be displayed



Now select the disk in which u deleted that partition


with "select disk x"

x denotes the disk number 0,1,2...


Now type "create partition primary size=n id=af"

where n= size of the deleted partition. give it in terms of MB

for ex: if the deleted partition was 20 GB then it means 20*1024 MB = 20480 MB


so "create partition primary size=20480 id=af"


This command creates the 20 GB partition formatted as "Mac OS Journaled"


Now insert the Mac DVD n restart d system.


After u get the "install Menu" select continue n now click Disk Utility for the Utilities Menu n select d newly created partition n erase it in "Mac OS Journaled" format.


After u erase, that particular partition ll be mounted n now u can continue installation.


After u install ull have to re start d system now again OS selector starts up.


Again use the OS Detector Wizard to add the entry into the List.


From now u can triple boot Vista/Freespire/Mac


If u corrupt d Vista installation after some time then ull have to install all 3 OSes again

so be careful with Vista


any douts mail to coolquasar@gmail.com

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