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I'm buyong new NOTEBOOK for Win+Mac+Linux: suggest please

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As in title:

I need buy a new notebook and i will run windows xp (ora vista) + Mac Osx (10.4.8?) and Linux (Ubuntu and various...)


i know the compatibility hardware list but what hardware you advise me?


dell, hp, toshiba, ...?


I am thinking to buy:


intel core 2 duo t5600

1gb ram

geforce or ati 128/256 dedicated

14/15" display high definition (1280x800 minimum)

audio 5.1 high quality

hd 80/100gb



1/2 pcmcia

3+ usb 2.0


integrated webcam (optional)


you suggest!

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i'm from italy.


i want use my "pc" a little thing... for everything!

yes i'm a player, but not hardcore player


@ Hiro_

i'm dreaming every night a NoteBook Pro but... it much cost!!!


i love sony vaio, but: why sony vaio and not hp, toshiba or else?

sony vaio is the most compatible with hachintosh?!?

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As far as Windows compatibility, I don't think you have to really worry about it (especially if it comes pre-loaded.)


I would check the hardware lists for both (whatever distro of linux you plan on using.) It's not a fun job to do but I don't think it'll

be too hard. Main hardware components to choose wisely are the wireless card (most intel cards) and possibly the graphics card (nvidia is a good bet.)

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Guy if you live at a country than isn't a country of the third world i suggest to you a macbook pro, but if you live at one, i suggest to you a Sony Vaio. :rolleyes:


If you live in Europe (supposedly not thirld world), you pay at least 35% more than in the US for a Mac. A good reason, I believe, to think twice.




Windows: you don't have to worry about compatibility.

Linux: avoid ATI cards like the plague (some distros might work, but most won't)

OS X: more complicated. Check the compatibility list, search the forum for other people's experiences, and go Intel in any case.

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You're probably better off getting a Dell or Gateway laptop, preferably with an Nvidia card and Intel chipset. The overall support is so much better than the others, like ATI or VIA.

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