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Want 3 GHz dual core for 65 bucks? X2 3600 Brisbane

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im not sure if this has been mentioned here but i was browsin around and found that the athlon X2 3600 brisbane 65 nm is extremely overclockable.




this chip is available at newegg for 65 bucks OEM version, the retail version is $72. there are 2 versions of the 3600, the one you want is the brisbane core clocked at 1.9GHz and 65nm NOT the windsor 2GHz 90nm.


ive never overclocked before but am considerin this w/a value mobo to run osx86

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dude any core 2 duo can beclocked to atleast 3 GHz

my intel 805 dual core 2,66@4,1 GHz

trouble is if you do this .... your processor will use more and more power

so you will nead a good mother board , a like a 600 W power supply and a verry expencive heatsink/ water cooling faster ram to coop for the increse in buss speed so ... its not so cheap any more when you take in acound all that stuff

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core 2 duos dont cost $65.......

and if we want to talk about intel chips, the e4300 is virtually the same chip and can be clocked too 6400 levels


A big difference in the E4300 is it doesn't have Virtualization Technology, which means you won't be able to run a virtual machine at full speed. I know not everyone uses Parallels, but it's a good thing to know before choosing your CPU.

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I've had major problems with the brisbane. I tried 5 different MacOS distributions. lots of parameters and installation approaches, but couldn't get the brisbane to work. There was just no chance of booting up natively. Kernel Panic!


Board: MSI K9ng Neo (Am2)

2GiB Corsair

geforce 6100 on board

p-ata 40GiB


I think I might trade in my board and cpu against an intel 945-based one and a core 2 duo.

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