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'Starting Mac OS' => freeze


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I just managed to install Mac Os on my laptop (Acer 5093, ATI 1600, 2go Kingston Ram)

I boot up the system, I have a grey screen and a spinning wheel. then I reach a blue screen with a stylish apple and a progression bar.


the progression bar shows "starting mac os" but never changes. it seems the computer is waiting for someting or is just frozen...


anyone had this situation before?


I am using the Jas 10.4.7 ;)


Thanks for your help!


hi again!


ok, as i am new to all that I perfrmed a search on the forum. it seems i am not the only one to have this problem...


I ran the -v mode after pressing f8


it appears a line saying something like:

"VGA: family specific matching fails" (it appears a series of times)


right after that I have the following:

"a link/load error occurred for kernel extension /system/library/extensions/appleHWsensor.kexts"


So I am now trying the -x mode for the safe mode but nothing seems to happen...


I would realy appreciate if someone could give me a hand with this :P



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I have the same problem, it's likely my ATI x1700 video. If any DEVS are listening, can you add my cards PCI ID to the x1600 driver set? It's exactly the same except that it's built on the 45nm process instead of the 90nm.

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I have the system up and running on a fresh install, but I am trying to nail down the 3945abg wireless, realtek HD audio, and the x1700 video..


I'm working on tracking down the Idiot's version of the instructions for the video fix. I haven't used MacOS since 10.1.4 and the 'instructions' so far have said things like "edit the kext" or "edit the plist". While this is enough info for the more advanced MacOS users, I need to track down what I specifically need to edit.

Also, many of these "fixes" seem to only work with an external monitor - not an option for me as I have to stay mobile.


I appeal to the devs to address this mainly because if there is a standardized fix for the x1700 (0x71d5), then I would think (noobish of me, yes) that the fix could be incorporated into the next distro or a patch.


I'll figure it out and get it done. If I can get all the files together, I may ask for some help turning it into a distributable patch for the Asus F3Jp.

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