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Why has Apple never sued MS for these blatent ripoffs?

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Why has Apple never sued MS for these blatent ripoffs??????


I'll tell you why! They tried once... way back with Windows 95... but Mr. Gates was a very very smart man...


You see, Steve Jobs gave Billy a couple of Lisa's (Macintosh's codename) so he could write his Office software for them... Billy took some of the graphical features from the Lisa, and put them in Windows 3... Stevey got mad and sued... what did he want? He got Excel exclusivly for the Mac for 3 years... and Billy got immunity from any other lawsuits Apple could throw at them for any graphic similarities between Windows and MacOS.




3 years later, Windows95 came out, as well as MacOS8... Steve tried to sue, lost becuase of billy's smarts... appealed, lost again... then the SUPREME COURT said, sorry Steve, you screwed yourself... :(

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Apple sued MS.

Xerox sued Apple.

Both lost (/edit: correction: xerox did it too late).


A few (very few) details here: wikipedia Apple Computer, Inc. v. Microsoft Corp.


Of course, more biased (and not necessarily incorrect, I have no idea) account of these can be found elsewhere, and will for still a long time be the subject of long [insert favorite qualifier here] discussions.

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I was just saying who sued who, not trying to judge whether or not they were right in doing so.

As for references, Google them...

In post #8 you flatly stated that 'Xerox sued Apple' as if it was a fact :thumbsup_anim:


That puts the responsibility of backing up your so-called fact on YOU. Otherwise then what you've posted is just a lie :tomato:

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This kinda arguing and {censored} makes apple user look bad.. :thumbsup_anim:


Seriously though, before mac os, apple paid zerox to have a slose look at their gui, then apple used many of those ideas for mac os. the mac/windows {censored} is old news aswell, and pretty thoroughly known.

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