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Asus to Sell $199 Flash-based Laptops

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Great news!

If it is flash based, then that means it's not so sensitive to shocks and such "violence".

The speed of the "flashdrive": it won't have a high performance video adapter, either.

Can someone actually tell me they want to buy a 199USD laptop for gaming, video editing or anything that requires heavy cpu/display adapter power/high performance hdd?

The usage: anyone can buy it, so anything goes here, take it to college, work, meetings, etc

My best bet on the CPU is a ULV cpu from Intel or a Geode.

Hope they go for a ULV type of CPU and that it will have a very long battery life.


Personally, I'd buy it for doing programming/webdesign while on the move.

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some fat cat Wall Street analysts have been wondering whether Apple will go ahead and place some NAND Solid State Disks (SSD) into their laptops ... The same analysts also thought that Apple is currently working on an ultra-portable PC, and the NAND memory could fit quite snugly into those as well. Both of these are estimated to be released in 2007 at MacWorld.

The article said these unqualified analysts expected the small Macs at Macworld. Well that has come and gone.

Apple make a small Mac that doesn't fit in with anything they currently make? A few gigs of space? You guys don't actually believe this, do you?

Itegrating flash into their Macbooks will eventually happen, and a small 10 - 12 inch macbook may pop up in the place of the Powerbook's 12-inch success, but a 7" notebook is just stupid. What could you do with such a small thing? If it can't use iLife, iWork, or run Mac OS X perfectly, it's not a Mac.



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