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How to uninstall Boot Camp 1.2 Keyboard Drivers

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The apple keyboard drivers form Boot Camp 1.2 interferes in many ways with Input Remapper.


The uninstaller in Add/Remove Programs isn't working for the Appel Keyboard Support. To get the old functionality back without needing to disable the apple keyboard utility every start (and the only way for remapping to work before login):


* Go into Computer Management->Device Manager. Under Human Interface Devices, rightclick (or in the menu Action->Update Driver) the two Apple Keyboard Support and choose Update Driver.


If you are using XP:

* Choose "No, not this time".

* Choose "Install from a list or a specific location (Advanced)".

* Choose "Don't search. I will choose the driver to install".

* Select "USB Human Interface Device" and press next.


If you are using Vista:

* Choose "Browse my computer for driver software".

* Choose "Let me pick from list of devices on my computer".

* Select "USB Human Interface Device" and press next.


* Open Task Manager and kill the KbdMgr.exe Process under the processes tab

* Delete "C:\Program Files\Appel Keyboard Support" folder

* Reboot


Now everything should be working.

How do I get rid off the Brightness tool in the taskbar? Or is it required for IR to function properly? Any other programs of BootCamp 1.2 that is not needed?


You can remove it in the registry:



You can get rid of the insanely ugly sigmatel icon as well.

Could anyone drop a line here if he got the Inputremapper to work under Bootcamp 1.2 in that way? It doesnt work on my machine :(



Is there an option when you click the task bar icon "MacBook Keyboard wizard"?


If there is try selecting it and pressing OK.

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when I do "let me select", the only alternative is Apples driver :/ I cant find the HID one.


btw: what does it mess up? the only problem I seem to have is with the brightness tho, it doesnt stick. also the mouse scrolling is a little buggy, but that doesnt have anything to do with the input remapper i think,

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I just installed XP on the new Bootcamp 1.3 Beta. The uninstaller for the apple keyboard works now, but you will still need to manualy delete the KBMGR.EXE from C:\Program Files\Boot Camp.


Or, you can use regedit to delete the KbdMgr.exe launcher from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run


PS. i noticed there is a difference when downloading the bootcamp drivers, is better to check xp AND vista when asked what OS you will install on your intel mac. This way you will get separate driver packages for each device.




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