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Heya guys ive tried MacOSx-86 on an old IDE 8 GB hardrive and thought it was pretty amazing. But id like to set it up properly on my SATA hard drives Dual Boot with windows XP (its a Nforce 3 motherboard so the silicon image sata controller). Use OS for chat, email, downloading etc- basically all the stuff that slows down a gaming setup- then use windows just for games purely.

The problem is that OSX doesnt recognise my sata setup and i was wondering about gettin a list of add in hardware that would make OSX behave better :D


For instance- A SATA riser card to get into the new 300 gb harddrive i got as a bargain (so i can download to it!)

A sse3 compatible s754 processor? did even the beastly Fx chips on this socket type have the instructions set?

Anything else anyone could reccomend that is add in that will help OSX to behave itself!

Cheers !

Mike B)

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