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Linux codec dump for SigmaTel 9200 (How to do?)

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I have Knoppix 5.1.1 free Live CD. I have booted Knoppix on my Laptop to do a dump for my sound card but cannot find the dump info that is required. I read somewhere on this site to look in /proc/asound to find a file called codec#0, do: cat codec#0 > /tmp/alc882d.txt. I cannot locate this file or any other file that even resembles this file. I am a nooby as of today with Knoppix. Any help finding this dump info would be greatly appreciated.


Can somebody help me here? My SigmaTel 9200 card has a sysid different from all the dumps that are available for the 9200 and I cannot get the sound to properly work yet. I am not sure why I am not getting any sound yet. That is why I want to do a dump to try and figure this out.


I am using JaS.Mac.OS.X.10.4.8.AMD.Intel.SSE2.SSE3.PPF.1.Defiant.diskutil.biker880.ich7-R.patch.Integrated on my Gateway MX3701 laptop. Just got it working yesterday on my laptop without to many problems. I even have both cores working I think. I just can't seem to get the sound going yet.


Thanks, Blog

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the command is

cat /proc/asound/card0/codec#0 > [codec dump filename].txt

found this in another thread on insanelymac, but since this is google's #1 result for "codec dump" i figured i'd post it here.


edit: of course, if you have more than one sound card, you have to use card1 or whatever.

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