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"double panic" error

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I've been trying to get the OSx image to work on my system:

Motherboard: Via K8M800

Processor: Athlon 64 3200+ Newcastle 2.2ghz (only SSE2)

Video: NVidia GeForce MX 4000


but when i boot it up (no options) i see the apple background, but then it fades out, and there's some "double panic" error that repeats down the screen


when i boot it up with the -v -x options, it says something like:


Panic(cpu 0 caller 0xC017F652)

timeRDTSC() calibration failed with 50 attempts


>more to it, but from what i see, that's the relvent part<

and then it just hangs...


it shouldn't be a problem with the CPU though, because i know that other people have already got it working with AMD64, so i'm thinking it might be a BIOS problem (mmm, don't quite remember what version of phoenix i have... i'll look it up later)


Thanks in advance for all the help, and I've gotta say, the guides here are amazing...

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i'm also getting this error sometimes at startup, in my case it says it fails calibration after two atempts.


i have to reboot the computer several times until i finally get into osx


Mobo: A8V-VM SE (VIA K8M890) bios ver. 702

CPU: Athlon X2 4200+


i use kernel ToH 8.9.1


i don't remember getting this error on 8.8.1 kernels


@jlin64: what kernel version do you use?

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