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Hi all.

After 2 weeks reading this forum here's my first post.

I've installed 2 times Osx, the first time the deadmoo's image and everything goes fine. The second

time I used the generic dvd 'cause I have only 10gb and I cannot expand deadmoo install.

The generic dvd needed some kext to be changed (taken from this forum) but now almost everything

is working.

Installed progs:

Office 2004 (ok)

FlashMX 2004 (ok)

Audim (some crash)

StuffIT (ok)

Macam (webcam found but there's an usb problem)


now my problems are: usb errore message at start (over current error,also without hardware plugged)network copy really too slow, and visualization of itunes not working in full screen (not a big problem but

with deadmoo image works).

Finally a big thanks to every forum stuff...

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