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Better Photo Manage/Viewer on OSX

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After giving a try on Aperture 1.5.2 I realize that it's just another better looking appz that will double(or triple) your pictures.

This appz can pan only if you click on the navi box or pressing space bar.. which is not making any sense while ACDSee/GQView can pan with just clicking

I want to see if someone had a better way to deal with their photos. I use my backed photos (20GB) to play with Aperture 1.5.2

although I've choose not to copy picture to library both iPhoto/Aperture it still made another set of what I have and it makes

lots of preview file for it's zoom function in the Aperture's ~/library..(another 36.4GB most pics are 3MB) which is even bigger than the size I had the original

Are there any Appz on OSX like ACDSee on Windows? (No iView..)

Also wonder did anyone ever had GQview install on their OS X.


Let's share some common of these State of the Art Software

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Why not use "preview" which is included in OSX?


That's a simple and easy to use full screen slideshow viewer as well.

Just select a bunch of photo's drag them into Preview (they appear in the "drawer"), go to the view-menu and select "slideshow".

Works very well.



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For mine, I don't even use a program. I just have a specific filesystem set up, and go through them one by one. I haven't found a file manager I really like yet...

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index managment for large archive ? what do you use?


I'am using bibble pro for raw conversion,

do have Qpict ,

tried aperture , but has a 10.000 import limit

lightroom, has been a while, but want to manage external,


on the pc I used thumbsplus, life was good.


what do I do now? what do you use ?

currently got about 167.000 to manage


thanks, Rob

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microsoft Iview / Express media ?


started testing ,.... 120.000 limit with 1.8gb limit, previews, 1280x1024 limit,...


it's usable, aka fast enough, and has enough DAM features,...


just a little weary , about the microsoft tripple the price approache, since buy out,...

have not seen any change from iview,... look and feel not integrated, as such, think, the code is really old,

and not worked on, besides a view patches,...

do like the option, of booth platform support, and separate catalog reader/viewer.


for smaller projects, guess qpict be alright,... but have serious speed / usability issues, with 10k+ usage,....


what you think ? what do you use ?

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I'm looking for a program that will mange my photos and find duplicates so I can delete them easily. I have tried iView Media pro, it has a duplication detector feature, but it only found 4 duplicates and I have at least 400. I haven't tried any others, what do you guys suggest for this? I have roughly 7,300 images.

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