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i915GM video card at full resolution


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Basically, you need to follow:



Here is what I found. First of all, sometimes I get a blue screen and then the system freezes. According to some members in the guide post above, some intel chips dynamically allocate video memory. Mac OS X doesn't know how to do that (yet). So, a workaround is to boot to Windows first (if you have it). This will allocate that needed video memory. Next, restart the system and boot to os x. It should work.


Another annoying thing is that when it works, my laptop's lcd is shown as the secondary display (extension to the external monitor). Go figure... An ugly workaround is to connect an external monitor and then configure mac os x to set the primary display to the internal lcd. Another thing that I haven't tried, is using the Fn+F5 key - which is software independent by default (in my laptop at least: Toshiba M40-JM8).


So, back to the memory allocation problem. I see a solution to this problem. Why not write a program that runs (just?) before loginwindow starts which does the memory allocation. THe problem is, how do we allocate the memory? Also interesting is the fact that mac os x de-allocates that memory (or just because of the restart, the graphics chip deallocates it automatically, unlike in windows).


Ah well, so what do you think? is it feasible?



Alex Roman.

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