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"freeze" before login


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I installed OS X on my AMD Athlon 64 3000+ 1800MHz @ 2700MHz from the deadmoo image. (in VmWare)

It worked like a charm, the i decided to put the original coregraphics file bak (deadmoo uses a patched one for SSE2).


I used these instructions:

4. I have a SSE3 CPU but I can't run PowerPC applications (no iTunes)! Help! Okay, calm down. If you installed from "tiger-x86-flat.img" you have this problem. It's because that image has had SSE3 support patched-out. The file patched-out is called CoreGraphics. Here's how to fix it:

Find an untouched version of the "CoreGraphics" file and put it on your OSX86 Mac. Rename the CoreGraphics file to CoreGraphics.bak Move the file (CoreGraphics.bak) to:


Go into Terminal, type "cd /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/CoreGraphics.framework/Versions/A" , then type:

chmod 755 CoreGraphics.bak - Hit "ENTER."

sudo chown root:wheel CoreGraphics.bak - Hit "ENTER."

sudo mv CoreGraphics CoreGraphics.i386 - Hit "ENTER."

sudo mv CoreGraphics.bak CoreGraphics - Hit "ENTER."


Okay, now just reboot your computer! After reboot, you computer will have better graphics, and will be able to run PowerPC applications!

so i still got the patched CoreGraphics file

but now when i try to boot, it hangs before the login screen. (the little - \ | / - \ | / thing keeps turning)

when i booted with the -v option, i got these messages




So i think i did something wrong. does anyone know what, or how to fix it?

All help is appriciated

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I just found out, that if I could boot in "single user mode", I can access my HD, and put the original file back, they say I have to press "apple"+S during booting, I think the apple key is ALT, but it has no effect at all (it boots like normal, and "freezes" before login)


edit: I managed to boot in single user mode, and swap the files again, so now i can boot again, but i don't have the unpatched CoreGraphics file

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