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internet work...then doesnt...then...


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so i was working on getting it all up and on the net, and after a day or so of trying i bassicly gave up. then i moved the computer to a better position in my room (i.e. not in the middle of my floor). then low and behold, it gets internet...for some reason....


and now yesterday without me changin anything...it stops working...


and now its been a day without being on the net. and its annoying me, i just started to get the hang of it, and getting some programs on it. i know my internet works (using it right now!) and its the same cat5. its plugged in everywhere. i didnt change anything in my router.


i am at a loss. osx is new to me, does it have a "annoy the user" funtion that i turned on somehow?


any help would be great.


also, anyknow know anything about VNC viewer on a pc, and VNC server on MAC. i tried the RealVNC on pc, and OSXvnc on the mac. and it was SLOWER then {censored}. i would like to use TightVNC becuase i am use to that, and i like how it all is. and be able to just view via web browser like a PC-PC connection.


any help once again, would be awesome.






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