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Cheaper / more reliable OSX? Opinions


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Perhaps this has been discussed before, but I think it could be very interesting.


I have just finished building a Hackintosh. Works pretty well. Hardware woes here and there but to be expected.


Anyway, how about this for a method.


Buy a Mac Pro Main logic board ( solves the vast majority of problems on this forum )

Install that in a generic case, commodity CPU, GPU ( Not that big a deal compat wise ), DVD drive, etc.....


Most of the stuff is cheap hardware but the mother/logic board is the kicker for most.


so 2500 vs maybe 1000 or so it what I am speculating.


Thoughts or experiences on this? Am I missing something fundamental here?


I would spend another 200 for a board that had no compatability issues for sure.


Very interested to hear what people have tried and think about this.

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Good question. What can you find if you search around?

Can apple refuse you if you want to just purchase the logic board from a Mac repair place?


All a person really needs is that board. The rest is commodity hardware. Then you will have a fully supported ( pretty much ) mac that can install off of a regular disk and accept patches etc......


So, who will be the first to source and list a place to buy Mac pro motherboards?

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