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JaS 10.4.8 - Biostar P965PT - boot off SATA in IDE mode for ANY ICH8 motherboard

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This fix came about through reading another thread on the forums by rgb (link).


It should work for any motherboard using an ICH8 SATA controller and allows for booting off of a SATA disk connected to an ICH8 controller when SATA Ctrl mode is set to IDE as opposed to AHCI.


The Biostar P965PT motherboard uses the ICH8 SATA controller. Your motherboard must be flashed using a Rebel's Haven BIOS. Any version 914rh+ will work. If your P965PT is overclocked, 914rh and 921rh work best. It is advised that you NOT use the newer 1xx BIOS versions as their stability is reportedly not as good. With this BIOS installed you can set the SATA Ctrl mode to IDE in the Integrated Peripherals menu of the BIOS.


You'll have to install OSx86 with the controller set to AHCI first. Once this is completed. Edit the following file:


IOATAFamily.kext>PlugIns>AppleIntelPIIXAA.kext>Info.plist (the full path is a bit different though).


The easiest way to edit the file is to use vi inside of Terminal.app. Launch terminal, start a root shell using 'sudo -s' and enter your password. Then cd to the above mentioned directory or just open the file with 'vi /path/to/above/mentioned/Info.plist'.


Locate the section under ICH8 for ATA/100 that begins with <string> and add the following string:




For people unfamiliar with vi, use the arrow keys to scroll down to the ICH8 section, press the 'i' key to enter insert mode and type in the string. When done, type the following to save the file and exit vi: :wq!







Once you've gotten rid of those, restart your Hackintosh, enter the BIOS and change the SATA Ctrl mode to IDE. Now when OSx86 reboots it will reload all extensions, including the AppleIntelPIIXAA.kext with the newly inserted string.


Congratulations, now you can dual boot OS X, Windows and Linux without having to enter the BIOS to switch between AHCI and IDE modes.


If OS X won't load you probably forgot to clear the extension cache files mentioned above. Simply reboot your machine, switch SATA Ctrl mode to AHCI, load up OS X and delete the extension cache files, then reboot again and switch the SATA Ctrl mode to IDE.


This fix probably works for Gigabyte DS3 motherboards as well but I don't have Windows installed on one at the moment to verify the device ID string.


rgb's post mentioned the correct string for motherboards using the ICH8R chipset.

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what if i did this exactly the other way around...?

I managed to get MAC installed via the IDE Ctrl mode but now cant load it up with my other AHCI XP and Linux...


just wondering how i would go about updating some files to get around this problem...?


cheers for any help



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