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Cpu Temperature through Darwine Project

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Hey guys,


just though maybe we can also work on a project where we can use Darwine to monitor the

our cpu temperatures.




I have been trying almost every possible application for windows. some

of them work with Darwine, however only readings I get is the cpu speed, cpu usage etc..

Temperatures and fan speeds seems to be 0.


Since out intelmacs have no apple sensors, none of the software written for mac work.




1- DarWine and the proper monitoring software seems to detect the correct cpu type and speed.

It might just be a problem of loading or finding correct dll files.. some of the applications gave

an error that they can not load certain vxd, or dll files..

2- a question still remains if Darwine can access the original motherboard sensors..

3- if we can detect the cpu details, with using a windows applications we should be able

to access these readings..


Any thoughts? comments? possbility of the project?


greatly appreciated..




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I Just tried mbm5 with this method. no joy.


It installed fine through darwine, but my mobo wasnt on the list (I don't think 915 chipset boards are) and running it, after I had chosen the closest (an 865 chipset or some such) gave nothing but errors..



OK now I've tried Intel Desktop utilities too, first wouldn't install under darwine, so I installed it under windows, but it still wouldn't run to any useful extent..

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