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HOW TO: Get the Sapphire X1950XT(id7244) and X1900XT (id7249) to work NOT THE PRO (Jccool Method)

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Hi There !


I just would like to thanks JaminRC for his Wonderful Kext !


Man, you're a god !!! That's it


I'm new to hackintoshing world, but I successfully installed Snow Leopard up to 10.6.8 following ########'s ######+###### procedure.


After that, I was stuck on 1024x768 graphics Display


Your Kext saved me! My Sapphire Radeon X1950 XTX 512MB (device 0x10027240) is now fully recognized (both 32 and 64bits) and I can play OS X on my 22' screen @ 1680x1050x32 with QE/Ci and resolution change



Thanks again!




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Hi there


Is there any chance this Kext is to be upgraded to support Mountain Lion ?


Indeed, this kext worked so great with Snow Leopard and Lion up to 10.7.4, but now, with Mountain Lion I couldn't get my Radeon X1950 XTX working properly.


The system recognize the model (according to "about this mac" menu), but with only 5MB VRAM and no QE/Ci or resolution change. I'm stuck @ 1400x1050x32bits and no display detection :(


Thanks to JaminRC if you could provide an updated version of his Kext !




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thanks a lot jaminmc for your work and gift .it's a dream come true for me to use my ati radeon xt1950xt on iatkos l2 with full option .thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

i  have a asus p5kpl am epu motherboard and i just boot on the intergrated video card then i and your EVOenablerx1950.kext ,jaminmcx19x0-inject .kext and finally the jaminmc x19x0.kext by the application kext-utility.app.v2 and this work fine

for some people who didn't get sound on iatkos l2 to fixed that issue just don't select any sound driver on the system install wizard after reboot and normal startup you can install the azaliaAudio.pkg driver for 10.5

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