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I have installed OSX on my pc with the Patched Marklar-tiger.iso and i was wondering is there a way of getting 865 intel extreme graphics to support QE... Yes i have done my research and i have put the intel830.kexts and all the other extension files but everytime i boot into osx it shows the grey screen and then just a blue screen no login or nething. Also? i did have osx installed natively thru the deadmoo.img and that had full 865 QE support so im a little stumped here or is there just no possible way right now to get QE enabled with 865.


btw... when installed from the dvd i was able to run in 1280x1024 resolution with a million colors so thats not the problem all im trying to do is trying to get QE enabled and also to have it where i can play dvd's on my machine..



3.0ghz 800fsb oced 3.2... SSE2***

shuttle sb61g2... 865 chipset

intel extreme graphics 2

1gb ddr 3200 ram

120gb hd.. windows install

250gb hd.. 200gb**files**... 30gb **OSX**


thank you.


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