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So I was frustrated and annoyed at lack of right click support in Windows XP via bootcamp.

After cursing the name of Steve Jobs i looked around and found Input Remapper which i thought sounded great because it maps right click to Fn-Left Mouse button and so avoids compatibility issues with certain programs. Then I read the changelog and noticed the fix for updating screenbrightness and fans every 15 seconds. This concerned me.


Why is the fan control functionality not explained/documented on the Input Remapper page? Why isn't fan control made available in a seperate application? This lack of information, plus a description of a bug where the fans turn off completely, has put me off installing this utility.


Can someone clarify the situation for me? Does the act of installing input remapper mean that fan control is effected at all? Does it have to be explicitly enabled? No offence, but the thought of installing 3rd party beta software that changes the operation of the fans without my knowing isn't a pleasant one. I don't really feel like invalidating my warranty.

Well after reading your post I gave it a go. Unfortunately after installing it, my screen brightness is set to full intermittently (despite what i set it to). Also I couldn't find the cpu fan speed controls, so I decided to leave this until its more stable.


Well he stated that auto control for the screen brightness is still buggy (mine does the opposite and dims at random). As for the fan speeds when you right click the tasktray icon you select MacBook Settings and its the last 2 sliders. You can also adjust the auto dim/keyboard sensitivity.

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