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[pre-release] macOS Ventura 13.3

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34 minutes ago, SavageAUS said:

Sorry for off topic.

How are you adding OC version to the system info screen?

Hi- we all use this app-(check link below):


About This Hack: https://github.com/0xCUB3/About-This-Hack


NB: When you click on Serial No.-it hides it for you🙂


Build 1: iMac20,2, i5-9400F, Samsung 16GB DDR4 RAM, MSI Z390 Gaming Plus, Radeon RX 580 8GB, OC 0.9.1

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18 hours ago, maly70 said:

OCLP 0.6.1 n'est pas compatible avec Ventura 13.3, chaque fois que j'essaie de patcher Ventura 13.3, il obtiendra un démarrage infini

Ventura 13.3-RC
ASUS S550CA - CJ035H
Clover beta-febe48884 "v5151"
Patch OCLP beta
intel HD4000 work
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Upgraded my Latitude just now. "enable-backlight-registers-fix" is working now. In order to use Intel wifi/bt card I had to switch to older card with BT 4.x (Intel 8260NGW). Wifi/BT cards equiped with BT5.x cause random freeze/restarts. Everything seems fine now. Thanks OC team!








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