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I have an HP zd8000 with all the goods. Was playing with the OS under VMware for a few days, playing around. Finally had set up for native install, with the DVD Release 1. Aside from missing AppleAC97Audio.kext, it went very smoothly. Even the volume controls on the laptop work ! VMware 5.5 RC build is quite fast, I had it set up on it's own partition already with deadmoo's image. Synaptics touchpad works near flawlessly (only contender being Windows x64 enabling the scroll area better than the official drivers ever could.) And except it's always enabled regardless of its physical toggle button...


Aside from needing 1680x1050 native resolution as many others do (on this ATI x600). I will live with extremely squished 1280x1024 under this 16:10 screen. (Ow!) I'll look into the Synaptics and post my solutions if found, as well as Hyperthreading being unknown (1 CPU detected). Not sure why my DEV/VEN on the AC97 was the same as the ICH intel #6 entry... maybe I didn't have to do that. But it works, and fast. Except Safari rendering issues.


Going to look further into VESA 2 and the touchpad. Xbench results posted.

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