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RX 6900 xt - Issue with display port and adapter


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Hi all,

I have a small issue with a sapphire nitro+ se xtx and the display port.

This happens in Big Sur 11.6.1, but also in Monterey 12.0.1.

I have two monitors attached to the system: one is connected through hdmi, the second one is an old monitor with only a vga port, so I'm trying to connect it with a display port to vga adapter connected to the gpu.


If only one monitor is connected (that with hdmi) everything is ok (in both cases, with whatevergreen with agdpmod=pikera and without whatevergreen).

When I attach the second monitor connected with the adapter strange things happen:

with whatevergreen (+ agdpmod=pikera) the two monitors start flashing and I have no output in the vga monitor, I can't login to the system

without whatevergreen I only get signal on the hdmi monitor, I have a login screen on that monitor**


The display port to vga adapter works well in both windows 11 and in a kali linux system.


**In this case, in mac os I can see some video output on the vga monitor, bios screen, apple logo and loading bar till half of its way, then the monitor turns black and it seems totally dead. In ioregistry explorer I can only see one display0, that connected through hdmi



I wonder if I can change something in my config to have the video output also on my vga monitor.


Thank you


UPDATE: damn...I think I bought the wrong adapter...it's passive :(...I will try with an active one...

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