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XCode: Setting up build environment + Dependencies to compile Lilu, VirtualSMC, etc.


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I'm a C# developer by nature and looking at the source for these plugins leads me to wanting to compile my own versions to fix some issues for my specific hardware. (I won't get into the details here) 


That said, I'm very used to working with .NET and the entire XNU environment is ... XNU to me. (har har har. Sorry.)


I thought just opening the Xcode project would be enough, but compilation fails pretty hard with what looks like project dependencies. 


Specifically, I'm toying with the SMCBatteryManager source files but can't seem to set up Xcode with the correct libraries to compile the source without running into errors. 


Is there a XNU/GCC environment 101 somewhere that would help me get some of these issues figured out, or anyone here who's comfortable with Xcode development that might be willing to lend a hand? 

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