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Intel HD Graphics 3000 White lines bug

Techno blade

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@Techno blade It's a known bug that has been affecting all Sandy Bridge/HD 3000 platforms running OS X/macOS since El Capitan. Probably a memory leak; there is no known fix, it gets worse after repeated sleep&wake phases and can only be eliminated by rebooting. Even less chance of any fix in macOS versions that do not natively and/or officially support this old iGPU (Mojave and later).


The problem does somehow lessen by increasing computer RAM to, at least, 8GB and/or patching VRAM to 1GB to 2GB. Some people also claimed that boot arg slide=0 helped them (but that's a Clover boot arg for computers with AMI BIOS in UEFI mode and it's meant to offset the kernel loading point; not sure it was ported to OpenCore). However, the problem will never disappear and you'll have to live with it. You can look this up, dozens of existing threads on the matter + at least 1 x dedicated topic on VRAM patching for HD 3000.


I don't know if this was ever tested before but, given that Yosemite seemed to be the last OS X version without too much of an issue on the HD3000 front, you could try and replace by their Yosemite's counterparts those High Sierra HD3000/SNB kexts and graphics frameworks installed in Mojave during patching. Of course, it may not work at all, so experiment on a separate Mojave build/partition to avoid being left in total limbo.


From a macOS point of view, anything older than Haswell is now getting a little long in the tooth...

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