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Hardware Encoding, RX 560

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I'm running the following hardware: P8Z77-I, i7 3770, 16GB RAM, RX 460 4GB, OpenCore 0.7.3. I want to be able to use hw encoding. Currently I'm running iMac Pro 1,1 SMBios, previously iMac 14,4.

iMac Pro allows me to do HEVC in hardware, but h.264 immediately stops (Handbrake, Compressor).


Is there a chance to get it all working? Is Air Play with iMac Pro 1,1 possible?
With iMac 14,4 and iGPU enabled, hw encoding isn't working at all.


VDADecoderChecker ; exit;
Hardware acceleration is fully supported
Saving session...
...copying shared history...
...saving history...truncating history files...



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