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[pre-release] macOS Monterey

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3 hours ago, gujiangjiang said:

I still dont get how to solve this.

Does this is the bug of APFS file system?

As you use ApfsDriverLoader.efi then any possible bug will be corrected by apple with next software update.

But I doubt there is a bug.

May be your drive is not macOS compatible? Or controller.

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28 minutes ago, saCULar said:

Updated to 21A559.  Boot to graphical login average of 2 min 50 secs, compared to 43 secs for Big Sur. 😞



It is first time. When caches will be formed and spotlight finished indexing the boot will be much faster. Just wait.

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Doing a simple search in App Store for "macOS Monterey" magically worked! 😉

(Joking of course, it has been the same last year, and year before that.)


Downloading now, hope the Mac(s) do not go up in flames after it installs... 😁 Running Beta 10 on both currently, was never offered RC1 or RC2.

Note: Of course, I first left the Developer Beta, which I do not need to be a part of anymore now that non-Beta, RTM release is out. :) 

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RC2 build 21A559 is identical to what Apple released today as the final Monterey iteration, so what now??

On my two GA-Z490 Vision G builds, bluetooth is not working after wake from sleep and the i225-V onboard NIC is only working when it wants to, but then for only short periods of time. I think considering this dilemma, it now boils down to solving these issues the "hacking" way, and forget about Apple. This is however beyond my capability, therefore I stick with Big Sur for the time being in the hope that some wizzkit will produce a solution in the near future to also make Monterey "golden" on the GA-Z490 Vision G architectures.


Greetings Henties


Goodbye Monterey until you become usable on my particular hardware.

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It is now obvious that nothing new is offered in the official release of Monterey that is already in RC2 build (21A599) apart from all the hype and expectations so it's business as usual until further development. :graduated:

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