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MX250(Pascal)in high sierra?


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I want to use my laptop with MX250,

and i will use high sierra for using nVidia GPU and nVidia web driver

but someone said mx250 cant run any mac os version,

can i run mx250 in high sierra or not?

You can't run GPU chip solded as Optimus. You may have a success only if the GPU can be run as main graphics card. For example my laptop has an option "Optimus=disable" is BIOS. The option switched off Intel graphics and Nvidia became the only card.

nVidia Optimus technology is not supported by OS X/macOS (because Apple used their own proprietary dual-GPU hardware solution) so you cannot have GPU switching working on such Hackintosh laptops. You can only have:

  • iGPU graphics if Optimus is enabled (and then, it's highly recommended to disable the dGPU with DSDT/SSDT patching to maximise battery duration)
  • dGPU graphics if Optimus is disabled (the iGPU cannot be disabled)

So, if your laptop's BIOS allows you to disable Optimus, then, in theory, your Pascal MX250 should be supported with (and only with) the nVidia Web Driver in High Sierra.


Also note that:

1) for some laptops with Optimus enabled

  • the built-in LCD is driven by the iGPU only
  • the dGPU drives the external screens (eg: HDMI)
  • so you have dual GPU per sé but no switching of course

2) for some laptops with Optimus disabled

  • the built-in LCD just goes black
  • only the external screens are active
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