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Little issue with igp 1st gen

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Hi, I have a small problem, I changed the geforce 730 ddr3 video card with 
Asrock radeon Rx 550 Polaris 699f, all good after I modified fakeid recognizes it 
as Baffin [Radeon RX 550 640SP / RX 560 / 560X], it works flawlessly in High Sierra 
and Mojave qe/ci metal, above I haven't tried yet, catalina ++, the problem is only 
in high sierra (in Mojave work verry well) at boot sequence, it stays very long at 
kext stall igp 60s or busy timeout 60s igp, 
I can't deactivate the onboard video which is 1st intel hd, 
what do you advise me to do, thanks.
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