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kernel panic after (long) sleep and wake

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Since a few days ( after or before the last update before 11.4 ? I do not know for sure) I have a total freeze and reboot with Kernel Panic.

I have used an appli : UBLOW to get and show logs at the moment of the panic.


the last two one have this in common : Is this a signal that my GPU gt-740  is dying  ?( the integrated gpu is not active in the Bios)



On 6/5/2021 at 4:29 AM, Slice said:

This is a signal that your Nvidia will be no more supported in next macOS.

Check if all is OK in other systems.

Well I had others Kernel Panic (a total of 10 in a few days), more frequent with a different cause :   com.apple.driver.watchdog timeout.  A few google search provide me a lot of case on genuine Mac/macbook and different solution, one of them was associated to "photos" and I have notice that a big disk activity was hapenning : Mediaanalysis was checking my photo library when this idiot of Spotlight was scanning the 3 SSD drive in my Hack.  I did rebuilt the library by lauching photos with alt-command clic: this process found errors. I'm still waiting for a kernel panic.

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