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BCM94360CD unable to start Location Services

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I have the above card and Location Services are enabled in settings but any app for example Maps requests for it and when allowed, still doesn't manage to use it.


I am using OpenCore 6.9. I have my USB ports mapped, I use iMac20,1 but it didn't work even in iMac19,1 as well. My Hackintosh sleeps and wakes correctly so most of the stuff is working as it should. Even Air Drop works correctly.


macOS 11.3.1

System: Gigabyte Z390 M, i5 9400, Radeon RX580, BCM94360CD Wifi, 16 GB RAM.

When you run apps that require location services such as Maps, they usually request authorisation to locate you if this is not enabled. If you agree, the app is added to the list of authorised ones. Check this out.



Given that an Apple BCM94360CD works 100% natively, I assume you're not using any add-on kexts such as AirportBrcmFixup or anything of the sort that may interfere.

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@Hervé I have authorized all the apps for location when a popup shows on screen to enable location access. All the settings for all apps are enabled in the screenshot you mentioned. I have no AirportBrcmFixup kext or any patch applied.

BCM94360CD has 4 x antenna connectors. Did you connect them all individually to an antenna cable?


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