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[HOW TO] OpenCore 0.6.8 > 0.6.9 differences

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As always, it is highly recommended to read @vit9696 message. It is the best place to find out what is new and changed in the new version of OpenCore.


This step from 0.6.8 to 0.6.9 brings quite a few changes and some of them are very important but they are not as many as in the step from 0.6.7 to 0.6.8. Some of the things that have been improved:

  • AppleEvents and some of its keys
  • compatibility with older systems
  • OpenCanopy and the picker presentation
  • OpenCore password decryption speed, especially on slow systems
  • memory devices on MacPro7,1 SMBIOS.



  • Misc > Boot > PickerAttributes: OC_ATTR_USE_MINIMAL_UI (0x0040) will hide Restart and ShutDown buttons in the picker (text and OpenCanopy).
  • Misc > Security > ExposeSensitiveData: OCS_EXPOSE_VERSION_UI (0x04) will show OpenCore version in OpenCanopy.
  • Misc > Tools: added support for case-insensitive argument handling in the UEFI tools.
  • UEFI > AppleInput > CustomDelays new type Boolean (former String). It can be False.
  • UEFI > AppleInput > KeyInitialDelay and KeySubsequentDelay failsafe values to Apple OEM values (50 and 1).
  • UEFI > AppleInput > PointerSpeedMul failsafe value changed to Apple OEM value (1).
  • UEFI > Quirks > added EnableVectorAcceleration: enable AVX vector acceleration of SHA-512 and SHA-384 hashing algorithms.  Failsafe value is False. If it's true, the signature verification process when OpenCore has a password is faster.
  • UEFI > Quirks > added quirks to increase compatibility with older Mac firmwares:
    ForgeUefiSupport (Boolean): to workaround legacy EFI 1.x firmwares compatibility. Failsafe value is False.
    ReloadOptionRoms (Boolean): to force-load Option ROMs on PCI devices. Failsafe value is False.


Only for MacPro7,1 SMBIOS

PlatformInfo > Memory > Update SampleCustom.plist with MacPro7,1 memory samples.

Only for empty slots:

  • PartNumber and SerialNumber now are empty (previous value was 0)
  • Size and Speed = 0 (previous value was 1)
  • Manufacturer = NO DIMM (previous value was empty). 

For all slots (filled and empty): DeviceLocator values are ChannelA-DIMM0, ChannelA-DIMM1, ChannelB-DIMM0, ChannelB-DIMM1 and so on up to 12 devices.

It is recommended to use RestrictEvents.kext to eliminate the warning displayed on the desktop at startup.


  • Added PickerAttributes: OC_ATTR_USE_MINIMAL_UI to allow running pickers with no Shutdown and Restart buttons.
  • Added ExposeSensitiveData: OCS_EXPOSE_VERSION_UI (0x04) to display OpenCore's version number to OpenCanopy as well as builtin picker.
  • Fallback to builtin picker when OpenCanopy fails to launch or has low resolution.
  • Fixed wraparound when using arrow keys in OpenCanopy: arrow keys will wrap around the boot entry list.

Updated kexts

  • AppleALC.kext
  • IntelMausi.kext
  • Lilu.kext
  • NVMeFix.kext
  • RestrictEvents.kext
  • SMCSuperIO.kext
  • VirtualSMC.kext.
  • WhateverGreen.kext

These kexts have new versions, it's advisable to use them with OpenCore 0.6.9.



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25 minutes ago, eSaF said:

As always Bro, very informative :thumbsup_anim:

Thank you, my friend.

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1 hour ago, Allan said:

Thank you @miliuco^_^


EDIT: The OpenCore Guy, or the OCGuy :D


I like OC Guy :D

But about OpenCore, in the OpenCore Discussions thread is where the people who really know about OpenCore are. I'm thinking of @vit9696 @Andrey1970 @Download-Fritz  @Hervé @Pavo @tonyx86 @joevt @mitch_de yourself @Allan and so many others whose name I can't remember now.
I am envious (healthy) of these people because my training and knowledge place me far from them.
When I saw that I had to work hard to update each OpenCore version was when I decided to prepare for myself, during the evolution of the beta version, the changes that were taking place, and this is how this series of posts was born from 0.6.3 - 0.6.4.


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