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Mountain Lion or Mavericks On VMware 15

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I'm rather new to this, and have been reading for weeks, anything I could find related to my issues i'm having with my VM of OS 10.85, or 10.9.5. Both are running great, I was able to figure alot out by editing the .vmx file, adding lines to achieve actually spoofing a Macbook pro I have. I have not been able to get the processor to show in either Mountain Lion, or Mavericks, nor the correct amount of ram slots, or show an "Internal" or "built in" display. In Mavericks, it's stuck in one resolution. 1024 x 786. My laptop i'm running on has a 10 gen 1.80 GHZ  i7 10510U processor, and a 4k display. Although the VM functions great, and gets updates from the app store, just looking to finish the look of the real deal. I did install "Chameleon Wizard", which helped a little bit (haven't found any instructions on how to use it effectively), as I said all the changes I've made were seen through editing the .vmx.

THANK YOU in advance for any help! 






























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You clearly run OS X without graphics acceleration in those VM so expect limitations such as those experienced with resolution. Don't know how/if you'd actually get graphics acceleration given that you run your VM on a 10th gen Comet Lake platform that's not supported by those old OS X versions and therefore no possible passthru for integrated graphics. I guess you'd need a discrete graphics card supported by ML and Mav (eg: nVidia Tesla, Fermi or Kepler card or other AMD Radeon HD cards).


Re: CPU recognition, I don't know if you can specify anything at all in that respect in the VM but if you can't, try and inject a fake CPU id for a supported model. ML and Mav support Core2Duo to 5th gen Broadwell platforms, can't remember about Skylake but certainly not from an iGPU point of view.

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