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Video card ROM and EFI files (Nvidia, AMD, Apple)

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I cracked various Nvidia and AMD graphics card updates.

I extracted from each the .efi module.


Currently collected:

- AMD RX6700XT

- AMD R7250X

- AMD R9290

- AMD RX460

- AMD RX5700

- AMD RX6800

- Nvidia GTX980

- Nvidia GTX1080

- Nvidia RTX2060

- Nvidia RTX3070


Also extracted updates are available for 2 models of Gigabyte cards:

- N105TD4D.F3

- N3090AM.F2


Also the password for the x64.zip and x86.zip files inside newer Gigabyte graphics card updates is:



EDIT: Apple graphics cards ROM and EFI files.

- HD5770

- HD5870

- HD6750

- HD6770M

- HD6970M


EDIT2: Nvidia GTX680 Apple graphics card ROM, EFI, NVGI header, Video card ROM header.

These could be used to patch up a video card and enable it to work in a real Mac.

GK100 series cards can be done with this package.


Enjoy :cat: :cards:



Geforce GTX 680 Mac.zip

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Posted (edited)

Extracted video bios updates of Gigabyte.

I extracted from the updater the .rom files and I extracted the .efi of each.


Models extracted from the .exe file:

- N105TD4D.F3

- N3090AMA.F3 (RTX3090 OC BIOS)

- N3090AML.F3 (RTX3090 Silent BIOS)


Password for x64.zip and x86.zip:



Enjoy :cat::cards:


N105TD4DF3.zip N3090AM_F2.zip

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Posted (edited)

Added Geforce GTX 680 series Apple ROM and EFI files (GK100 series).

Also split the NVGI header.

Also added the Graphics card ROM header (to patch up existing graphics card ROM header).

To create a patcher I would need an x86_64 version of EfiCompress.

For those who still have 32 bit support I have a patcher.



afterwards you must use a hex editor to add nvgiheader.bin before the 0x55 0xAA header.

To modify card you must remove the NVGI header till 0x55 0xAA (offset 0x400).



I have a manual way.

This needs package below.

Also needs TianoCompress I've built (attached below).

First strip the NVGI header (Till 0x55 0xAA, offset 0x400) using a hex editor.

For ROMs with UEFI use UEFIRomExtract on the .rom.

Look for:

Found compressed EFI ROM start at 0xf24c

This will tell where the EFI ROM starts.

If it says nothing it doesn't have an EFI rom.

Use the following command of the .efi file:

./TianoCompress -e --uefi -o gtx680mac.efi.comp gtx680mac.efi

Open the ROM in a hex editor.

Also open nvefiromheader.bin

Replace in the ROM the first 0x190 bytes of the header with this one.

Remove all the data from that start offset and paste in the gtx680mac.efi.comp data on that offset or if no EFI ROM at the end of the data.

Save the file and close the hex editor.



EDIT: NOTE -> don't use this, there is a bug in fixrom.py

Use the following command to correct the EFI data.

python fixrom.py <ROM_FILE> <ROM_FILE>



You can next test UEFIRomExtract on the .rom file to see if the patches went ok (if it can make a .efi file the patch is successful).

Next reopen the ROM file in the hex editor.

Also open nvgiheader.bin.

Append to the start of the .rom file the nvgiheader.bin data.

Save and close.

Patch is ready...



I have attached a modern version of the HD7950 and GTX680 patch.

HD7950 works.

GTX680 doesn't work so use manual approach.





Geforce GTX 680 Mac.zip



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