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OpenCore Board-ID discrepancy for MacBookPro

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For model MacBookPro16,2 and MacBookPro16,3

According to OpenCore database here and here, the board-ids are as follows:

MacBookPro16,3 : Mac-E7203C0F68AA0004

MacBookPRo16,2 : Mac-5F9802EFE386AA28


However, according to this page, it should be:

MacBookPro16,3 : Mac-5F9802EFE386AA28

MacBookPRo16,2 : Mac-E7203C0F68AA0004


The 2 are swapped.. My questions therefore are:

1. Which one is the correct one? or can someone who owns one of these verify that?

2. Are they hard-coded?
3. How do I change them in my config.plist?
Note: I have tried using SystemSKUNumber and BoardProduct (as they are mentioned in OC configuration pdf) under generic, both have not been successful.
at boot OC returns an error saying these do not exist.

4. I suspect that this may cause certain limitations similar to how wrong SerialNumber may affect power management etc? Am I correct?



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Afaik, it's as follows:

  1. MacBookPro16,2 -> Mac-5F9802EFE386AA28
  2. MacBookPro16,3 -> Mac-E7203C0F68AA0004

which would mean there is no discrepancies at all in OpenCore but at Mr. Macintosh! In fact, this page at latter's place proves it. You can therefore adjust your thread title...

If you want to modify board-id in your OC config file, feel free to do so manually using a tool such as ProperTree for instance.

I would not expect any limitations or negative side effects by swapping the 2 x board ids however.

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