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11.2.2 update caused Vbox VM storage controller to fail.

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I'm running Ubuntu 20.04 on a Surface Pro 4 as host. I don't know if I diagnosed this right, but I had two instances of 11.2.1 and updated them one after the other, and they both returned the error, "Could not configure virtual machine storage controller. Exiting." I have a third instance running under Fedora that wasn't updated and it still runs fine. I tried to open those VM's under Fedora to check if I had a problem with the dependencies and got the same error. I installed these with the myspaghetti script found here:




I looked through the documentation for the script which is generating that output, and I didn't see anything definitive to address the problem.


I had a backup from 11.2.1 and I tried using that, but I still get the same error. This seems strange to me because the vm was rebooting and shutting down fine after the update, but once I rebooted the physical machine both instances under Ubuntu 20.04 returned the same error. I could totally be on the wrong track here, but it may have something to do with the uids or volume descriptions of the VMs.


Your help and input is appreciated.

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