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Open Core: Crash trying to boot install for Big Sur

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Trying a clean install on an external USB. Previously had High Sierra working via Clover. Goal this time is Big Sur (using iGPU) via OpenCore.

Here's where it's crashing.


The last few things I see are 

* AppleKeyStore unexpected session / operation failed
* IntelMausi setMulticastList
* com.apple.MobileAccessoryUpdater Service exited
* apfs_module_stop unload com.apple.filesystem.apfs




  • Mobo: ASRock Phantom Gaming ITX z390
  • Bios: Latest official version
  • CPU: Intel 9900k
  • GPU: 1080 GTX installed, but trying to use the iGPU for this
  • OC: v0.6.6



  • Followed the coffee lake vanilla guide
  • Created installer via windows
  • Used the prebuilt SSDT's at that step
  • Double and triple checked config.plist. Could still be something wrong of course. 
  • OC Sanity Checker is green all the way down



  • IntelMausi
  • Lilu
  • SMCProcessor
  • SMCSuperIO
  • VirtualSMC
  • WhateverGreen





I've set all the BIOS settings I can find: VT-d, XHCI handoff, secureboot, AHCI, etc. No luck. 


Not really sure what to try next. Any suggestions?

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