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Hi everyone!


I did a macOS installation on my gaming notebook... With a technically fully working GTX1060 + HD630 even with a muxless setup (stuck on High Sierra, web drivers you know) because HDMI and miniDP outputs are controlled by Nvidia. With a headless HDMI adapter I can use my internal display (4k version which is routed to the iGPU) to play games like a regular Nvidia Optimus. But that's not the point (or yes? maybe if we manage to inject some values like "hey this dGPU isn't a dGPU. It's an eGPU!" we can use some tools like "set e-GPU" or "Automate-eGPU". TA-DAAA!!).

I fixed the 90% of things I think. USBs, SMBus, IMEI (AppleGVA working over iTunes, Netflix etc with shiki=80), HDEF (Native AppleHDA using AppleALC), PNLF (screen backlight), _BIF etc. With some kext Touchpad and Ethernet are fully working. Webcam, card reader, bluetooth etc out of box... Wi-Fi+BT card needs to be replaced since it is not compatible with macOS, but bluetooth part for sure.

But there are 2 devices left. I don't know the correct/equal device ids or "compatible" value for a real Kaby lake Mac: https://prnt.sc/z94dyk and https://prnt.sc/z94fof.

Also Thunderbolt is not detected (https://prnt.sc/z94iqo). I didn't find a good guide, content or hints. ¿How can I inject/fix these things?


...and, I forgot to say before, my battery is discharging at reason of 19-21 Watts at idle (yeah, per second). I think it's too high and there is something wrong (oh, god). I tried to disable the dGPU using a SSDT table and it gives me a difference from 1 to 2 watts only so it isnt related to this issue. Nevermind just a... wrong setting in bios :roto2: Now 9-11Watts/sec

Thanks <3

P.D: I hope my EFI folder can help someone. But there's a lot of modified UEFI settings including TOLUD value. Maybe you should generate a valid serial number, motherboard serial number/MLB, replace "ROM" content with your ethernet mac address, generate any UUID and use the same settings than me in that case; ask me for uefi screenshots!


EFI_MSI-GS63VR-7rf.zip - 36,85MB - SHA1: 0F98606976E1ED0CDD1ACB38D0C80DF0AFA5BC85

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Added screenshots of HD630 and GTX1060 from System Profiler as a hypertext!
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