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10.6 install on P5Q slows down and stops ?.

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boot-132? Ouh, ancient stuff! No-one supports this anymore. Even obsolete early versions of Chameleon date back to 2008 (if memory serves me right) and those came after boot-132... Try (more) recent methods and tools of you want to run Snow Leopard (or any subsequent version) on your PC. Check components compatibility to begin with.


If you've no way to build a USB installer, use good old Nawcom's ModCD. We've kept a copy of it here.

2021 in calendar... and I installed two weeks ago 10.6.3 from retail-dvd and upgraded to 10.6.5 (last one without appstore) for my home data server :). I think it is a one of most reliable OSX version ever. And yes, be patient with installing from dvd, there is some slowdown, why I don't know. Some processes going under hood, no constant acess to dvd-drive. This is normal. My dvd is original dual-layer, working always with good results. 

There is no need to worry about my current calendar - I have also Sierra, Mojave and Catalina latest versions, each its own machine ;). BS is coming soon too.

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