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Dell inspiron 17R 7720 no sound issue

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Hello, all. AppleALC, Lilu loaded correctly. Tried all layout id suggested for IDT92HD91BXX  3, 12, 13, 33, 84. Also there are two different revisions 0x100102, 0x100303. I don't know if I have to input them revisions somewhere in my config.plist? I am running BigSur on Intel HD4000 with full acceleration, with OpenCore 0.6.6. Please advise what else can be done to get my sound up and running. Also tried AppleHDA patcher 1.9 app, though it refuses to start, checked on 2 different BigSur hacks. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks Hervè, that did the trick. Replaced AppleALC.kext with VoodooHDA.kext set my layout-id to 3. First reboot, sound is on. Internal speakers, hdmi as well as internal mic and external mic input as well. Perfect. Thanks for pointer. Much appreciated. 

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