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[Release] macOS Big Sur 11.2-11.2.1-11.2.2-11.2.3

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On 3/17/2021 at 5:11 AM, 1Ale1 said:

please, don't.

It's also called heresy here on insanelymac.com


we leave those stuff to... t0ny... cough cough... ehm..

You misunderstood. I was referring to bless hence the "if"

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Ok.  Now that the issue of csr-active-config 0x867 has been resolved to restore updates, only full installers are offered.   Did someone mention in a previous post that it is necessary to retain the prior installation snapshot in order to get the incremental updates, say from 11.2.2 to 11.2.3 without software update downloading and upgrading with the full installer?


Also I note that clover 5131 boots a recent Big Sur update but as soon as two system mods were made (change login graphic and ntfs read-write enabled) and a new snapshot created, the boot fails with clover.   Can anyone explain this?


Is anyone having trouble chainloading OpenCore from GRUB2 after OC version 0.6.4?

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