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Opencore install will totally lock up or randomly shut off.

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I installed Open Core 0.65 a few days ago, I'm getting both randomly locking up to where I have to reboot or it shuts off on it's own. Sometime it'll run a few hours before either, sometimes it's within 10 minutes of booting up. Windows 10 doesn't lock up, and according to Win 10 and my Bios my CPU peaks at around 40c, so it's not overheating. Here's my config & kext & acpi.  I followed the Open Core guide very closely, and post install I've done the power management thing. I'm not getting kernel panics.   This is the best I could figure out on my own


2021-01-26 15:29:57.505194-0800 0x84e      Default     0x0                  0      0    kernel: (AppleSMC) Previous shutdown cause: 5

2021-01-26 23:00:46.790691-0800 0x5d5      Default     0x0                  0      0    kernel: (AppleSMC) Previous shutdown cause: 5

2021-01-27 00:36:33.708832-0800 0x5df      Default     0x0                  0      0    kernel: (AppleSMC) Previous shutdown cause: 5


there's a bunch more of these in the log, but they're all 5s. Google's telling me 5 is a normal shutdown. But I'm definitely not shutting my pc off manually. 


Here's my config & kext & acpi, I'm going in circles because I'm not sure what to even try next, would love for someone who understands to take a look at my files and give me some help - hopefully.




Las time I checked, this was a Niresh installation and I believe you were advised NOT to use distros, something we don't support here. Installing OpenCore on that distro or using it with that distro will not change anything. Unless you made a brand new fresh full vanilla installation of course...



If this is indeed a full vanilla installation, please post a zipped IOReg output saved from IORegistryExplorer app.

Sorry I should have been more clear, this is a vanilla install from the Open Core guide. I started working on it right after I got the response in the thread where you told me me to avoid distros. I thought a new thread might be less confusing, but merge them if it's better, again sorry. So this go around has nothing Niresh related in it. I followed the  OpenCore guide, the only thing I added a few kext's for my Broadcom NIC, which the guide doesn't include any info on.  I also ran the config thru the Sanity checker and tided up the few problems it found.  This was after it had locked up the 1st time, so there was already a problem. Here's the file you requested.


This might just be a coincidence, but yesterday while I was figuring out the post install power management stuff and getting my sound working and such. It didn't lock up until that evening. And then it shut down every 15 or so minutes for the 4 times before I just went to bed. And since noon today it hasn't shut down or locked up, but I haven't changed anything from the last time it shut off on its own.  When it did shut down last night I rebooted and went straight in the BIOS and the CPU temp was 41c, so I don't see it being from overheating.


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Can't see anything wrong. But do check your BIOS settings in case it has some dedicated settings to shutdown on reaching certain T°. This can sometimes be adjusted or disabled. Can't say your trouble came from that but worth checking.


Thank you for the reply, I looked thru the BIOS I don't see anything about shutting down with a temp's reached. But like I said, the last time 3 times it shut down when I was on it, I went right into the BIOS and saw 40c. And even when I'd get back into OSX the monitor would show 39-41. If it was overheating the temp wouldn't be able to drop that fast.


It's a good thing you didn't see anything wrong, but now it just leaves me with even more questions.  I know 2 nights ago I went to bed with it on and it had shut off by the time I woke up. So something's causing it to power off. I have computer sleep to never, and I did the sleep mode fix things listed in the Opencore guide. While I'm not use to OSX, I'll assume it's like Windows and when it's in sleep mode moving the mouse or pressing a keyboard key wakes it up. Neither do anything when it's off.  Guess it's back to to drawing board and more reading up.

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