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Alternative to iTunes/Music for Offline Music


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I've been using iTunes since 2002. I only use it for one purpose, organizing and playing my media library with its unparalleled (at the time) database feature. It would (a) tag my (lossless since 2005) audio as necessary (b) organize files into folders based on these tags and (c) play my music in order in the background as I use my computer. The "Automatically Add Files" folder was perfect. free ringtones download

It seems that iTunes, or Music as it's called these days, is starting to rot a little. Since early 2020 or so, it seems the database gets corrupted or confused, and the same album gets split into two on one random startup.

Half of the songs go in one, and the rest go in the other. Changing the album name to something else, then back to what it was usually fixes it. But the problem is not going away. A full rebuild of the database did not help either. Some albums never get touched, and others have it happen all the time. This had never happened before 2020 and the death of the column browser.

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Is there an alternative for Mac? Most of the alternative media players I see (VLC, Foobar, etc.) don't have any database, organizing, or tagging ability.

Alternatively to the alternative, has anyone experienced this splitting issue and resolved it?

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@MLeonardA very good friend of mine who has a huuuuuuge, well-maintained music collection which he collected over about 2 decades was getting really disappointed of what iTunes has become over the years - how it handles files, it's slowdowns, etc. He told me he was looking for alternatives and in the end he bought this and is really happy with it: https://swinsian.com/

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