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This is really annoying... and any dev could find the way to bypass this restriction easily with some automation. As crisolandobr I was away from the dev scene for a while, and now I can't even ask a question or reply to someone's problem in OpenCore forums.... Thanks for clarifying though

Same here. I was able to comment and post, but still haven't reached the threshold to return. And it's been some time since I last tried. Very frustrating as I trust this forum more than most, aside from a few trusted voices I know on other sites. It is quite a wall.

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Hi.I was about to post this here: https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/338516-opencore-discussion/page/280/ but for same reason, im not able to.


I have ARCH boot files on same partition as OpenCore. But OpenCore cannot boot my ArchLinux installation. ARCH Has EFISTUB enabled by default. What i did wrong?

Is there any way to use relative path (without PciRoot and UUID)?



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