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OC 0.6.5 released on January 4, 2020 is now official. There are deep changes both in the OC itself and in some utilities and kexts published alongside it. And there are also changes into the config.plist file although they are few and easy to make. As on previous occasions, it is highly recommended to read the article by @vit9696 (Mykola Grymalyuk - Khronokernel) which is an excellent summary of the most important changes. Without going into the multiple modifications and improvements in depth, these are the main differences that must be taken into account.


Few changes, as I have already commented. 2 keys are added and one of the previous versions is removed.

  • Added PickerVariant (string) key in Misc - Boot to specify icon set, it can be Auto.
  • Added the SetupDelay (number) in UEFI - Audio to specify a time interval to reconfigure audio in milliseconds, it can be 0.
  • Removed DeduplicateBootOrder key in UEFI - Quirks, it is no longer needed.


New kext to resolve issues with the memory misconfiguration notifications when using MacPro7,1 SMBIOS. I have tried it, deleting the custom memory section of config.plist and, indeed, the warning when starting up and the balloon in About this Mac have disappeared but, when accessing the Memory tab, the information that is displayed continues to be wrong but, otherwise, the system seems to work fine with the correct amount of memory.




  • Several already compiled SSDT examples are added
  • Improved ocvalidate tool increasing the number of errors and inconsistencies it can detect
  • Improvements in other tools: dmidecode, macserial, macrecovery and LogoutHook
  • Improvements in the OpenCanopy driver.


Improved support for Big Sur. It is recommended to update if you are using M.2 NVMe disks.

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