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[SUCCESS] Lenovo ThinkPad E470 KABY LAKE-R intel i5-7200U: macOs Big Sur with Clover r5127

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Hi guys, happy new year to all!!


Im wish share my EFI folder, with Clover bootloader, r5127 with full configs to install and run macOS Big Sur. 


Im tested on Big Sur 11.1 and 11.2 (betas) and boot in 16 seconds. Works fine with Dual Boot to Windows (recommend format before install the Windows partitions). 


Im recommend you extract your DSDT and SSDTs, and change  ACPI folder to yours. Im use Patchmatic from Rehabman tutorial. 


Don't forget too that Big Sur will boot only with Preboot volume. 


I do my best to put this run, so im share for free, but appreciated you not forget help the InsanelyMac. 


My wireless card was Broadcom, not intel. 


Works everything, included SD Card, Battery %, Keyboard TrackPad and this /?° key. 



CSM could be enable to install Windows 7 if you wanted!! 


Its possible update to the last Clover 5128 ****


* * * * * * * * * * 


Bios config for install (after install choice as you need):



       Wake On Lan: Disabled

       UEFI IPV4: Disabled

       UEFI IPV6: Disabled


       UEFI Bios Support: Enabled

       Always On USB: Enabled

       Charge in Battery Mode: Enabled

       USB 3.0 Mode: Enabled


        Trackpoint: Disabled

        Trackpad: Enabled

        Fn Ctrl swap:Disabled

        Fn sticky key: Disabled

        F1-F12 primary: Disabled


        Boot display: ThinkPad LCD

        Total graphics memory: 512 MB

        Boot time extension: Disabled


        Intel speed step: Enabled

        Mode AC: Max Performance

        Mode Battery: Battery Optimization

        Scheme for AC: Max Performance

        Scheme for Battery: Balanced

        CPU Power Management: Enabled

        Power On With AC: Disabled

        Intel Rapid Start: Disabled

Beep and Alarm

        Password Beep: Disabled

        Keyboard Beep: Disabled


        Intel Hyper Threading Technology: Enabled

        Intel AMT (Active Management)  {BE CAREFUL HERE}

        AMT Control: Permanently Disabled (*** Caution ***)

         This can't be Enabled again after permanently disabling


          All passwords are unset


          Predesktop Authentication: Disabled

          Reader Priority: Internal Only

          Security Mode: Normal

Security Chip

          Security Chip Selection: Intel PTT

          Security Chip: Disabled

          Physical Presence Provisioning: Disabled

          Physical Presence Clear: Disabled

UEFI Bios Update Option

          Flash BIOS updating End User: Enabled

          Secure Rollback Prevention: Disabled

Memory Protection

          Execution Prevention: Enabled


          Intel Virtualization Technology: Enabled

          Intel VT-d Feature: Disabled

I/O Port Access

          All except Fingerprint: Enabled

Internal Device Access

          Bottom Cover Tamper Detection: Disabled

          Internal Storage Tamper Detection: Disabled


          Computrace: Permanently Disabled (*** Caution ***)

          This can't be re-enabled after permanently disabling

Secure Boot

           Secure Boot: Disabled



           Platform Mode: Setup Mode

           Secure Boot Mode: Custom


Network Boot: PCI LAN

UEFI/Legacy Boot: UEFI both (***CSM Enabled***)

Boot Mode: Quick Boot

Boot Device List Option: Enabled

Boot Order Lock: Disabled


All comments and suggests will be welcome, so here the folder:





Captura de Tela 2021-01-03 às 19.07.42.png

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