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Having trouble with ALC1150 audio in Big Sur OpenCore on GA-UD5-WiFi

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Got everything running very smoothly thanks mostly to OpenCore and NMano's usual Kext and Kernel patching guides guides here (my board is X99 with an Intel 5960x processor). Even after 5 years, it still feels like my X99 has been getting better with every Mac OS release and I cannot thank NMano enough for his contributions in the past few years. The only problem I've run into with Big Sur is my onboard ALC1150 audio not working properly and my case seems to be an odd one considering I have not seen it be mentioned anywhere else.


I've tried both MNano's AppleHDA patching (without AppleALC) and AppleALC with all of the suggested 1150 layout IDs documented on AppleALC's supported codecs page (in DeviceProperties and as boot argument). The strange thing is that ID 1 works in Big Sur after an NVRam reset, but once I reboot for a second time, my onboard audio is gone again. I've tried alcdelay 1000/2000/3000 as noted in the OpenCore audio guide, but no apparent difference. All Kexts load correctly when I check the OpenCore debug log, although MNano's HDA patch did not appear to work (entries to replace are not found).


Before Big Sur I have always relied on VoodooHDA for my optical audio capabilities, but understand that this is now really considered less than desirable.


Any suggestions or pointers in the right direction? Is there something I'm missing related to the NVRam settings perhaps, or is there more to AppleALC that's not covered in the OpenCore audio docs? Any support would be greatly appreciated.

Attached my OpenCore EFI.zip folder (minus the Resources sub-folder and some of my platform info).



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Happy new year and thanks for your suggestion, went back to VoodooHDA 2.9.6, seems to be working well so far.
Still a shame about appleALC refusing to work properly on my board.

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