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Lenovo M53 help

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hi there im somewhat new to the H-N-toch world. everything i have is apple, i got this lenovo M53 from a lot buy and im looking to make it run as a mac mini. i was in this seen years ago when it was getting started but dropped out after my first good hack. once i found out how mush i liked osx i went out and bought a macbook pro. well years later i really dont feel like buying a mac mini for the shop.


so as much as i know on this unit its a thinkcenter M53, 4GB DDR3, 512GB SSD. intel P J2900 4 core @ 2.41 GHz


i ordered a 8GB and a 16GB stick of ram for it i dont know if it can run either one but im going to try.

iv been trying to install catalina with clover but im not having any luck. iv tried 4 different .plist files from other lenovo's. 

so if theres anyone out there who is smarter then me please help...

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Pentium J 2900 is Bay Trail and that's not supported. You'd need a special kernel (which I don't think you'll find for Catalina) and there's no support whatsoever for Bray Trail integrated Intel HD graphics.


It's a small low-end Nettop computer built on a SoC architecture and it's not upgradable at all. As such, it's not suitable at all for Hackintosh purposes. You won't be able to run OS X/macOs on it, it just does not meet the minimum requirements.

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Hervé thanks for the insite, i know there are some of these lenovo tinys that can do it, the M93 is one i found on youtube. 

so i guess ill be looking for one of them unless i can find one hell of a deal on a mac mini. 


thanks for your time and knowledge.

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M93 are fitted with mainstream Intel Haswell i5 or i7 CPUs + Intel HD4600 graphics, that's why. Your M53 is just one of those very low-end Nettop computer, the M93 model being a lot more beefy and with specs closer to a real Desktop computer.

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