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WakeUP issue / dark screen on OpenCore - Asrock Z170 Pro4s, i7-6700, HD 520

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Hi every one,

I almost finished configure Hackintosh based on
CPU: i7-6700
Motherboard : Asrock Z170 Pro4s
GPU: iGPU (I remover Nvidia graphic to determine the cause of the problem)
Bootloader : OpenCore 0.6.3

Vt-d = Disabled
Shared Memory set to 64MB
CSM = Disabled
USB XHCI - Enabled
Serial/Parell Ports - disabled

Used kexts:


The last problem what I have is issue with wakeup.

I did:
1. Rename XHC1 to SHCI
2. USB Patch - using this method


config.plist with removed information about SN etc. I used MAC 17,1

I use a lot of solutions but it doesn't work with my configure. I spent time from monday to today so I decided to ask a community. Please help image.gif.16f8e119108421b2d016fe65b4360888.gif



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